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    KAYD volunteer delivering topic on malnutrition effects in the community
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    One of KAYD baseline survey on Water and Sanitation Health
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    KAYD agricultural officer transplanting seedlings at demonstration plot

About project

Project Summary

Under financial support from Tanzania Development Trust  (TDT), KAYD managed to implement a project on Construction of Makere Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training center at Makere village, Kasulu district Tanzania.

The project intends to create and increase employment opportunities among marginalized and vulnerable Youth   those who are unable to afford costs for follow and joining vocational training centers/ colleges far from their villages. The targeted beneficiaries are Youth of age between 14 years to 32 those coming from poor family.

The purpose is to contribute the enhancement Youth and women capacity in self-employment and improving their livelihood through provisional of Vocational Training skills for youth coming from Makere village ward and surrounding villages in Kasulu District, Kigoma Region Tanzania.

Since the original application for funding from TDT with several additional funding intended to improve infrastructures status to give conducive environment at the centre, circumstances have improved in the project area in terms of youth self-employment. Under support from TDT, KAYD through MVETc managed to support a number of most vulnerable and marginalized youth in Kasulu district. About 68% of graduates have set their own business and thus employed themselves with decent works with additional support like start-up capital and kits provisional.

Although some of youth in the area have supported and benefited under this project, still there is a big number of unemployment youth and women coming from poor family who are unable to afford costs for attending vocational training skills. KAYD and other development stakeholders required to play our roll to support these needy as to fulfill our obligation of contributing at government efforts to reduce unemployment among youth and women.

KAYD expressing her heart felt Appreciation for the financial support from TDT enabled us to support the most need in our area.

Moreover; KAYD management take this opportunity to invite stake holders with interest in helping and supporting vulnerable and marginalized youth and women to give their contribution for betterment of these communities.

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