Dear our colleagues and stakeholders, friends, partners, and beneficiaries of Kasulu Youth Development (KaYD); Welcome to Kasulu Youth Development (KaYD) official website, in which you can get to know more about what the organization is all about.

Primarily KaYD was found in 2010 by 13 youth members. The organization was officially registered in June 2010 under Society Act, 1954 Cap 337 with certificate registration No.SA 16950. In 2019, KaYD complied under terms and conditions of Non-Government Organizations (NGO) Act, 2002 with registration No. 00NGOR2/000180 and it operates in Tanzania Mainland as per its governing constitution and laws of Tanzania. The main driving forces that brought into being this organization were among others: the unemployed youth in the community, extreme poverty levels caused by loss of productivity and no access to poverty eradication programs, Human Rights abuses particularly Gender Based Violence, High levels of disease infections particularly HIV/AIDS, malaria and increased number of OVCs. 

KaYD’s main target is to work for the improved wellbeing of people in the Kigoma Region and Tanzania as a whole. KaYD seeks to ensure sustainable communities and households livelihoods and social economic empowerment through vocation trainings for self-employment and provide better opportunities for the next generation, ensure access to basic social needs through mainstreaming gender equity and disability into support program initiatives to reduce vulnerability in communities and household levels

Since its establishment (KaYD) has been diligently working to achieve its major objectives and managed to reach the most targeted groups of beneficiaries who are Youth Women and Children, and facilitated them in various service provisions in the implementations of different projects. Youth and Women have been strongly equipped to have access to self-employment and decent work particularly through knowledge on Vocational skills, Entrepreneurship and Business skills, Agri- Business knowledge, and provision of Financial assistance as startup capital, provisional of Working tools as Start-up Kits and awakening society awareness on participating in improving education quality.

Also; community particularly Youth and Women have been empowered on Land rights and ownership. Furthermore; KaYD have been empowering Tradition Birth Attendants (TBAs) to have knowledge and awareness on Health Policy aimed at reducing mortality rate among children and pregnant women.

On the other hand; children have been protected by withdrawing them from child labor and assisted to acquire formal or informal education including vocational skills.

In this paragraph, I am taking this opportunity to thank all those in one way or the other continued to support KaYD up to this point, as without their support we could not sustain and achieve what we achieved this point.

We thus continue inviting Stake holders those who are interested to join our efforts in serving and transforming our society in Kasulu district, Kigoma region. We are much focused at making sure no one is left crying for employment, hunger, lack of skills for production, poor environments and poor agricultural productivity.

Perpetua Michael /Board Chairperson / KaYD

  • Increasing women access to land resources
  • Improving community support of women land ownership
  • Improving government and community leaders responsibility and governance in land resources ownership

Our Team

Kasulu Youth has a Team of Youth Expert with a solid experience working in various disciplines of works with a self-giving heart, commitment is their unique trait. We all join efforts to achieve the major vision set of by the organization.

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Inauguration day for Makere Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training centre in which the organization was launching the MVETc purposefully for the society.

Youth organizations representatives during the Program Peace Summer School held in Rwanda in September 2022