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  • Volunteers & KaYD

    KaYD volunteer delivering topic on malnutrition effects in the community

  • One of KaYD baseline survey on Water and Sanitation Health
  • KAaD agricultural officer transplanting seedlings at demonstration plot



KaYD has been working with its partners in implementing various projects that varies in aims towards the nearby society and afar one as whole. The solid partnership created, is the chief reason for our success and a reason for its far more existence. We have been joining efforts together at reducing stunting and Low birth weight among children, increasing decent employment and agricultural products value addition among youth and women, increasing community members awareness on participating in planning and implementation of education programs ,  Child Protection, and Promoting Rural Women Land Rights, Human Rights protection and organization capacity building


We have managed to reach different classes and types of people and still we are focused on ensuring every aspect of the society is given due attention and consideration. In the ongoing projects we still believe in the partnership as the cornerstone for our maximum achievement.