Who we are

Organisation Background

KaYD is a Youth-led, membership Civil Society Organization, (non-Governmental, non-political, non-partisan, and non-profit making), established in November, 2010 by 13 Youth members and registered in the same year with registration certificate no. 003 as a CBO, and as a CSO on 21st.06.2010 with registration certificate no. SA 16950, moreover in 2019 KaYD obtained  the compliance registration with certificate number ooNGO/R2/000180 under NGO Act 2002. Currently KaYD has 36 members and its head Office is located at Makere village near Makere market-Kasulu District, Kigoma Region, Tanzania, East Africa.

KaYD is a Certified Public Charity, an equivalency Determination (ED) conducted by NGOSource in 2022


KaYD envisages rural communities in Tanzania that are free from poverty, live in peace and have access to justice.


KaYD is committed to facilitate socio and economic empowerment of marginalized rural communities in Tanzania, particularly Youth, Women and Children through promotion of food and nutrition security, Entrepreneurship development, Health, Education, Peace, Gender, Human rights and Environmental protection.


To contribute towards sustained enhancement of livelihoods and resilience of communities of Tanzania, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalized in society

Core Values

  • Transparency – all resources are utilized responsibly, KaYD will remain accountable to different stakeholders.
  • Community involvement– the community is included in all the stages of project implementation from initiation to conclusion.
  • Commitment – KaYD will aim to implement all that we have set out to do in our 5 year Strategic Plan
  • Teamwork– work together as members of staff, the board and all stakeholders in all areas of organizational development including decision making processes