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Anniversaries & Events

  • Volunteers & KAYD

    KAYD volunteer delivering topic on malnutrition effects in the community

  • One of KAYD baseline survey on Water and Sanitaion Health
  • KAYD agricultural officer transplanting seedlings at demonstration plot


What we are

Organisation Background

KAYD is a membership Civil Society Organization, (none partisan, Governmental, none political and none profit), formed since 10th November, 2004 by 13 Members and registered on 18th.02.2007 with registration certificate no. 003 as a CBO, and as a CSO on 21st.06.2010 with registration certificate no. SA 16950. Currently KAYD has 36 members and its Head Office is located at Makere village near Makere market-Kasulu District, Kigoma Region.


KAYD envisages rural communities of Kigoma Region that are food secure self employed and democratic with adequate and sustainable resources base.


KAYD is committed to facilitate quality socio-economic empowerment of marginalized rural communities in Kigoma Region through promotion of improved agriculture production, food security & nutrition, entrepreneurship development, health and education, awareness on crosscutting issues, and organizational strengthening.


To contribute towards sustained enhancement of livelihoods and resilience of communities of Kigoma region, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalized in society

Core Values

  • Openness
  • Proffessionalism
  • Commitment
  • Non-Partisan
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Equality
  • Volunterism
  • Team Spirit