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    KAYD volunteer delivering topic on malnutrition effects in the community
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    One of KAYD baseline survey on Water and Sanitation Health
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    KAYD agricultural officer transplanting seedlings at demonstration plot

About project

Project Summary:

The Program objective is to promote animal welfare through providing health care and treatment and protecting animal rights. By fulfilling the Program objectives, KAYD trains petty and livestock keepers, health service providers and feeding and animal rights protection in Kasulu district, Kigoma region.

In collaboration with Government, in Kasulu district Kigoma region, KAYD is implementing a project on Promote Animals Welfare and Rights for livestock which are kept by traditional keepers in rural areas in Kigoma region, Tanzania. The Project is implementing under financial support from Makere Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training center based in Makere village, Makere ward, which owned by KAYD.

The main challenges faced the animals like dogs and cats kept by traditional keepers, most of them wanders in streets and villages without food, while facing feed shortage, suffer from sickness and lack accommodation/ shelters brought together for accessing to food/feed, health care and services, accommodation and animal rights protection including security.

On the other hand most of animal like goats, pigs, cows and donkey facing lack of accommodation brought together for accessing to food/feed, health care and services, accommodation and animal rights protection

Since establishment of this program, KAYD has reached more than 123 petty and livestock keepers and more than 624 animals. KAYD use training to people doing animal business, particularly, who keeping,  transport and slaughter animals for ensuring all animal rights are protected, accordingly.

KAYD supports animals in two categories, one are those kept at home by traditional keepers and the two, are those wandering in streets with no care of, like dogs and cats, where KAYD take them to the animal/ petty center.

KAYD appreciates the support and collaboration which has been receiving from government leaders in villages where KAYD works, animal rights and welfare stakeholders, enabling KAYD to reach her Objectives.

Special thanks goes to VETs, a USA based organization partner who is supporting KAYD to reach the animal in need. VETs has been sending to KAYD some equipment and tools which real increased a quality of service rendered by KAYD.

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